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About Us

High energy bills are the bane of all homeowners. With the unbearable hot summers in Georgia, it’s hard for homeowners to keep their energy bills down. That’s why South Atlanta Insulation Experts provides alternative solutions, so homeowners won’t only keep their energy bills down, but also gain energy savings regardless of the season.

Who Are We? 

South Atlanta Insulation Experts specialize in installing radiant barrier systems that can significantly improve attic insulation. Most homeowners don’t realize that one reason for their high energy bills is outdated attic insulation. This causes not only skyrocketing energy bills but also high overall utility costs, increased humidity levels, and even mold formation. A lack of proper insulation forces heating and cooling systems to work harder during the summer and winter months, which can make energy savings almost impossible to gain. 

By installing our radiant barrier system, your attic insulation will improve, thus leading to decreased utility costs and higher comfort levels. Our radiant barriers can also effectively help mitigate the effects of urban microclimates and excruciating summers. 

What Does Our Radiant Barrier System Do?

As a type of insulation, our radiant barrier system is made of reflective metal such as aluminum, which reflects the heat from your home instead of dissipating it outside. It resembles an insulating blanket that can be used on your home’s walls and ceilings. During installation, reflective foil is applied in these areas using sheets that cover the entire surface of the walls and ceilings. These sheets serve to seal up any cracks or crevices that can affect heating and cooling efficiency in your home. 

Unlike regular insulation or even high-grade insulation, our radiant barrier system is specifically designed to reflect as much as 97% of heat inside during winter and outside during summer. In comparison, regular insulation is intended to absorb heat, which is less efficient and affects only a limited area. On the other hand, using our radiant barrier system on both sides of your home’s framing also provides an extra protective layer that stops hot and cold air from leaving and entering through cracks near windows, thus reducing energy wastage. 

Why Work With Us?

We Offer Free Home Inspections


Since our focus is to help homeowners gain more energy savings and lower electricity bills, South Atlanta Insulation Experts offers FREE home inspections that can help us plan the best steps to improve your home’s insulation. 

With our free home inspection, we can: 

  • Determine which type of insulation and radiant barrier system works best for your energy needs
  • Provide you with an estimated figure on installation costs before beginning any work
  • Provide you with estimated savings you can gain from installing our radiant barrier system

Get More Savings

Atlanta’s harsh summers can cause a dent in homeowners’ energy savings due to the high demands of cooling a home. However, with our radiant barrier system, you can save up to 30% on electrical bills while also reducing the wear and tear on your other equipment, such as HVAC systems. With this, not only can you enjoy energy savings, but you can also save on repairs and maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. 

Energy Savings

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