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Are you looking for radiant barrier installation in Atlanta? If you are, South Atlanta Insulation Experts is your best bet! We offer residential and commercial radiant barrier installation services to homeowners, builders, and contractors for new construction and retrofit projects.

Radiant Barrier Installation Services for Your Attic

One of your top considerations in owning a home is certainly comfort. Although temperature regulation is crucial for ensuring a comfortable interior atmosphere, buildings lacking attic insulation can absorb as much heat as they release. Radiant barrier installation services from South Atlanta Insulation Experts will keep your home safe from the heat and cold. Our radiant barriers are energy efficient and dependable, ensuring that your house is comfortable throughout the year.

Radiant Barrier System Installation

Before getting radiant barrier installation, here are a few important things you should know: 

  • Radiant barriers work by transferring heat. Essentially, we will come out and install the radiant barrier in your attic to take the heat that hits it and transfer it in the appropriate manner. This means you get heat when you need it and can keep the heat out of your home when it matters most. 
  • You can get significant savings by installing a radiant barrier. Because of the transfer of heat, you can save a good amount of money on your utilities. You won’t have heat escaping your home in the winter, nor will you have too much heat in the summer, meaning your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard. 
  • Not all radiant barriers are the same. There are different types, thickness, and material that can make radiant barriers, and choosing the right one for your home means having an expert who can explain which options you have for your situation.
  • You may hear myths regarding a radiant barrier and its impact on your roof if it’s made of shingles. There’s a common misconception that the heat exchange involving a radiant barrier causes damage to shingle roofs. This is false, though. We ensure that we install radiant barriers correctly to ensure the necessary venting that prevents your roof from heating up more than it should. As a result, your roof doesn’t take the damage that it normally would. 
  • Choosing the right team to help you is vital. You can try to install the radiant barrier alone, but if not installed correctly, you can experience further problems that would require repair. We know where to install radiant barrier, the tools necessary to get the job done right, and the most effective methods to do so while protecting your home.  

Our team is here to help you understand what would work best for you so that you can make the right choices for your home. We’ll help you understand the differences so that you never have to worry about what’s to come, and you can have confidence in your choice. South Atlanta Insulation Experts has a strong understanding of the best radiant barriers that would work for you. We’ll be your guide throughout the process, installing it to perfection in your home. 

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Radiant barrier being installed in an attic

Radiant barriers prevent the sun’s heat from entering your home. Built from highly reflective components like aluminum foil, radiant barriers are intended to reflect rather than absorb heat. As such, they can aid in the reduction of radiant heat accumulation, which is especially crucial during the summer.

In the summer, as the sunlight hits the roof of your home or office, the temperature in your attic may rise to dangerous levels. The sun’s radiant heat will then pass through your roof and into your attic and ventilation ducts, forcing your air conditioner to work overtime and diminishing your indoor comfort.

Aside from keeping the indoor temperature in check throughout the summer months, radiant barriers can also help reduce ice buildup during the cold season. Radiant barriers help avoid ice dams, which are dangerous ice ridges caused by heat dissipation through your roof. They also help to trap heat in, saving you money on heating bills during the winter.


Did you know that when your home is exposed to the elements, it can significantly impact different elements of your home? Not only does it allow heat to enter your home or leave your home at the most inopportune times, it can cause your HVAC systems to work much harder than it needs to. As a result, you can experience higher bills for gas and electricity. You may also experience your system working much harder, which could lead to damages that you would need to repair.

Choosing a radiant barrier can help you over the long run so that you never worry about problems. It’s vital to protect your home, and radiant barrier is one way to do so while maximizing your comfort.

Types of Roof-Damaging Heat

Heat can significantly impact your roof, as well as how your HVAC system works. When heat is effective enough to cause damage, you need to make sure you know the most effective ways to get the solutions you need. The sooner you act to get radiant barriers, the faster you can safeguard your home and its systems moving forward.

Three sources of heat can damage a structure and influence cooling and energy expenses.

  • Conduction: Heat is transferred from a hot source to a cooler source through conduction. A mug of hot coffee, which gradually heats the cup, is a simple case of conduction.
  • Convection: The process of gas or air being heated directly is known as convection heating. When heat is applied, the density of the material decreases, causing it to ascend and heat to be transferred with it.
  • Radiant heat: This heat is conveyed from a heated surface to whatever is nearby. In this situation, the sun’s rays warm up the roof, which is subsequently transported to the air within the house via the temperature of the roof’s material.

As a result, a radiant barrier is utilized to prevent heat from traveling from a heated surface, such as the roof, to your house’s interiors. Conduction and convection heat can be reduced or eliminated with typical attic insulation, but this is useless to prevent radiant heat from entering the structure.

The impact means you don’t have as many problems inside of your home. You get your comfort the best it can possibly be. You don’t want your roof to experience damage, nor do you want the heat to lower your indoor quality. The more you can do to protect your home, the better it is. A radiant barrier is a good option to consider.

Perks of Installing a Radiant Barrier as Attic Insulation

Here are some of the benefits of a radiant barrier:

It Protects Against Radiant Heat: 

This kind of attic insulation earned its moniker of “radiant barrier insulation” for being able to prevent radiant heat from entering your building’s interiors. As mentioned earlier, the sun’s beams generate radiant heat or energy when they shine down on your property. This form of heat is responsible for a large portion of your home’s heat accumulation, which is reduced by a radiant heat barrier.

They Work Well in Warm Climates:

Radiant barrier insulation is an excellent choice during the hot summer months. In tests, a radiant barrier was demonstrated to reduce ceiling heat buildup by roughly 42%. This can lead to energy savings of approximately 10% on cooling expenses, as reported by the Department of energy. This enables your air conditioning system to operate more efficiently, keeping your home cool on warmer days. Numerous studies have shown that a radiant barrier is a worthwhile enhancement to a property’s thermal envelope.

Not Prone to Mold Growth:

Compared to cellulose insulation, one of the advantages of this form of attic insulation is that it does not encourage mold growth. While fiberglass and cellulose materials are susceptible to humidity and mold development, radiant barrier insulation does not allow this form of fungus to thrive.

Doesn’t Deteriorate Over Time:

Radiant barrier insulation is not prone to degradation over time. Other attic insulation may be more susceptible to humidity, mold, or pests, resulting in rapid deterioration. Fortunately, this is not a problem with radiant barrier insulation.


Radiant barriers help in summer and winter. First, in summer, it transfers heat away from your home and allows your air conditioning unit to work as well as it possibly can to keep your home comfortable. In the winter, it transfers heat into your home while running your heater, keeping the inside of your home as warm as you need it to be. 


When heat impacts your home, it can change how your HVAC unit works in the winter and summer. You set your thermometer to a comfortable temperature and your heater or air conditioner will kick on whenever your internal temperature doesn’t meet your set temperature. Unfortunately, if the outside elements impact your home, your system may turn on more often than you would like, working them harder to reach your desired temperature. The harder they work, the more they can experience damage and require repairs. 

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Your home and its comfort are of the utmost priority. Remember, any extra heat can cause significant problems that you may not need, nor that you’re prepared to fix. The sooner you get a solution installed, the better it is. Radiant barriers are the perfect option for many home and property owners; they just don’t know it yet. However, they should work with a qualified and professional team to get results quickly.

South Atlanta Insulation Experts will install a radiant barrier that meets the specifications of your attic. Our teams are experts at planning and conducting home barrier installations. We’ll handle everything from start to finish, even cleaning and sealing, so that you can rest easy knowing your house is safe. We care about getting you results when you need it most, going above and beyond to get you the services you need. Trust that we will be there to help you understand your options and provide you with the highest quality care and respect every step of the way.

During COVID-19, we’re expecting even more from our team in terms of safety and hygiene. If you hire us to install your radiant barrier, you can rest assured that we will clean thoroughly between tasks. We respect you and your home to the utmost of our abilities, protecting you from all of the elements, including those that may impact your health.

Radiant Barrier Installation Services From South Atlanta Insulation Experts

Radiant barriers installed by South Atlanta Insulation Experts will keep your house or company comfortable and energy-efficient all year. We work with both residential and business clients across Atlanta. Radiant barriers can help you save money on your utility bills for cooling your house in the summer and avoid harmful ice accumulation in the winter when built by qualified, highly skilled professionals. Contact us today at (404) 882-9403 to learn more about us and Radiant Barrier. We’ve got you covered! 

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